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    SEO: Where Do You Want To Rank On Google?

How SEO Works

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is made up of several thousand known factors that are determined by companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo and alike. There are also unknown factors (their own secret recipe). For you and every other business owner or website manager this means that you have and endless number of opportunities to improve your own SEO. Many of the factors go ignored and that is where Hofford Digital sees an advantage for our clients. We also take into account that some of the SEO factors carry more weight than others and prioritize them with that in mind.


SEO is a combination of designing and structuring a website that provides Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines with what information it needs and the user (person doing the search) with what he or she is trying to solve or have their question answered. A website cannot be built strictly to attract Google, or it will not be effective at converting website visitors (humans) into qualified leads. SEO done right will get you found on page one of the SERP’s (search engine results pages), bring quality traffic to your website  turn that traffic into quailed leads in the form of sales, phone calls or web form submissions.

Internet searchers learn about your business during the search phase. The first thing they see is the description that appears in the Search Engine Results Page(s). If this description is not accurate or compelling then the person doing the search will not click on your link and go to the competition's website instead.

The SEO Topics this page will cover and answer are:

  1. The Many Factors
  2. Local SEO
  3. Why Do I Need It?
  4. Where Do I Need To Rank?

SEO Factors

Website Structure and Speed - we work to improve your existing website's structure and content to start increasing your SEO rankings and traffic right away.

Original and Great Content - Informing your website's visitor is the key to creating great content. We will find the right keywords and write all new and all original content specifically for your website and brand to help deliver value to your visitors.

Links, Links and Links - you need high quality and high authority links connecting to your website in order to increase your own website's authority. These are called backlinks. We know how to build these connections and how to avoid the bad ones.

Social Media and Reviews- having reviews from your social media accounts like Facebook sends "Social Signals" to your website and search engines notice these. The more reviews and traffic you have coming from these sites the better for your SEO. This also includes the reviews for your business on Google.

Relevant Keywords - the keywords you choose to rank for can be more general such as "plumber farmers branch" or it can be what we call a long tail keyword like "plumber open 24 hours farmers branch". The more detailed or "long tailed" the easier it is to rank and gain an advantage over your competition who are more focused on the more general terms. Being highly focused is what can make or break your SEO campaigns.

Technical SEO - the code(s) on your website play an important role in informing search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo about the other content and information on your website besides only the text. Each image should have proper tags associated with them and the page structure and layout should be clearly readable for the search engines to determine what is the most important and least important part of your page.

The Google Search Console - this is the gatekeeper of information about your website and how users search and find your website. It provides additional information not found inside of your Google Analytics unless you have already linked them. If you have an Analytics account you should go ahead and link the two. If not, we can help you with this process. Hofford Digital uses the data and best practices guidelines from the Google Search Console to verify your SEO campaigns are meeting their full potential.

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Local SEO

The most visible part about ranking well in your Local SEO market is how you appear on Google Maps (also known as Google My Business), Yelp, Bing Places and on Facebook with your reviews.

If you are not appearing on these four major platforms you need to stop what you are doing and fix it ASAP. A website will see an immediate improvement for its rankings by doing this.

In addition to these four platforms there are numerous other local directories that you should register with, but you have to start somewhere so the four mentioned before is where you should start.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Do you want to crush your current competition? The website currently ranked ahead of you. Rank higher on Google, Bing and Yahoo? If so you should consider adding Hofford Digital's services as part of your digital marketing strategy so that potential new customers and clients can discover your brand or business and so that your competition does not steal yours.

What is the first thing we do when we have a problem or need an answer to something? We Google it.

By appearing on the first page of Google you will be the first answer to someone's question or problem. You are their new Go To Solution!

In addition to ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) you will also be able to gain valuable information about your website visitors through Google Analytics. Information includes demographics on gender, income levels, zip codes and other location information, user behavior and much more information that you can use in other aspects of your digital and offline marketing efforts to make them more effective and efficient.

Where Do I Need To Rank?

In an SEO advanced web ranking article by Marketing Land a study has shown that over 70% of Google searches resulted in a Page One (1) Click. Pages Two (2) and Three (3) only received about 5.5% of clicks.

The data proves that if you are not ranking at least on the first page then you are probably receiving very small amounts of organic web traffic or none at all. This should not be confused with referral or direct traffic from other sources like social media.

It is possible to rank well on the Google Maps search results while still ranking past Page 1 of Google. An Aspect of Local SEO that can help your business sooner than later.

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