seo tips for business

Happy 4th Of July America! Here are 5 Quick Tips For Your Website’s SEO

  1. Make sure your website works really well on a phone or tablet (mobile friendly as the kids would say).
  2. Use your geographic keywords in your website’s content, but do it naturally by not stuffing the keywords in weird places.
  3. If you don’t rank at the top for a specific keyword(s) you can still gain traffic from your content so KEEP ADDING MORE!
  4. Try to include a video or image that is related to your content without using generic stock photos.
  5. Answer a question that your potential website visitors need answered. This will help to rank your site for “How Do I….” type searches.

Enjoy your 4th of July and if you want additional help or information about your website’s SEO feel free to contact Hofford Digital!

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