Digital Marketing for Charitable Organizations and 501(c)(3)

digital marketing for charity

The Good News

Did you know that your 501(c)(3) may be qualified to receive $10,000 per month in Google AdWords credits? That's right, free digital marketing for your charity or non-profit. No strings attached, no gimmicks, free.

The process for applying and getting started takes less than an hour. However, there are a few rules you have to follow when using the Google AdGrant money. This is where Hofford Digital comes in to manage your account and to ensure you are compliant with Google's policies. Otherwise you lose your access to the program permanently.

Many organizations try to manage the AdGrant money themselves, but end up breaking Google's policies and lose their free advertising dollars FOREVER. Once you break the policies there is no appeals process with Google. That is why you need a professional digital marketing agency like Hofford Digital to manage your account for success and compliance so you can enjoy the free $10,000 per month forever.

What Can You Use Your Free $10,000 On Each Month?

Ticket Sales For Fundraisers

Direct Donations to your organization

Advertising and Selling Merchandise as long as the proceeds benefit your organization

Branding and General Awareness

Upcoming Events and Promotions

Employment Opportunities - full time jobs and or internships

Advertise Volunteer Opportunities

Build email lists for future fundraisers and events

Drive traffic to your website

The possibilities are endless!

Claim Your Free AdWords Credits Now!