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How Google AdWords Works

Google AdWords are the paid ads that you see on search engines like Google and similarly on Bing. This form of digital marketing delivers instant traffic and phone calls to your business. You only pay when a person clicks on your ad. The other links you see below the ads are the organic rankings that are based on a website's SEO. In short you are paying to skip the line. SEO can take weeks and months to begin ranking on the first page of a search engine.

Hofford Digital Google AdWords

93% of Buyers do their research online before making a purchase. That means you need to be in front of your clients before they make their decision of where to make their purchase.

If you want the NOW satisfaction of seeing and hearing your marketing dollars at work, this is the option for you. In many cases these ads can lead to new customers today. When using a smartphone they will have the option to "Click to Call" your business right away to set up an appointment. This is an extremely helpful and effective method of marketing.

Free Advice:  Trust but verify. In addition to tracking your results through Google Analytics we also use detailed call tracking so that you can verify the leads and the quality of customers that are being generated.

Unlike other companies and agencies we grant YOU access to your Google AdWords Account so that you can see exactly how much of your money is going to each campaign.

The Google AdWords Marketing Topics this page will cover and answer are:

  1. Why You Should Hire Hofford Digital For Your AdWords Marketing
  2. Google AdWords Factors
  3. Local Google AdWords Marketing
  4. Why Do I Need Google AdWords?
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One Reason You Should Hire Us For Your Google AdWords Management

We Don't Want To Spend Your Money! If your monthly budget is $2,000 and we only need to spend $1,543 then that is what we will do.

The goal is not to spend your money. The goal is to meet your objectives. Many AdWords Agencies or account managers won't tell you but, their number one goal is to spend your monthly budget and to come up with reasons or justifications as to why you should spend more money.

Why is that? Either their company is a Google Premiere Partner or they are trying desperately to become one. When a company reaches this level of monthly spend (your money) they then qualify for a kickback from Google. Yup, they receive a certain % of the monthly spend that you are helping to fund.

Hofford Digital's goal is help you obtain leads or to increase sales. We do not want to spend ridiculously high amounts on clicks. If we can find a way for your account to NOT SPEND money then that is our goal. Instead of bidding on the most popular and most expensive keywords we will try to find alternative keywords to help maximize your budget.

Never will you hear a request or demand that you need to increase your monthly budgets without a clear and justified report showing you why. Marketing budgets are what they are and we respect that.

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Google AdWords Marketing Factors

Google AdWords Keyword Research - In order to best reach your potential new clients we need to research what types of searches or queries they are actually doing. You may know your profession or trade by one set of keywords, but your client may look at them differently or use different terms. By doing keyword research we can find the right Search Engine Marketing Keywords that are most likely to attract leads.

For example, if someone is typing into Google "buy new Chevy pickup truck near me" this would be a more likely to convert customer over a person who types in "new car". While there may be more searches related to the second search, the first one is where we want to focus your money and attention.

Google AdWords Marketing Campaign Structure - Campaigns are the organization of how your Search Engine Marketing account function. Each campaign should be organized to be focused on one subject/product. Inside of each Campaign are Ad Groups. Ad groups are basically sub campaigns that are each highly focused on one type or version of your product or service. Organizing your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns properly will lead to great success and will make it easier for you to know exactly WHERE your money is going each month.

Google AdWords Account Management (Humans) - Management of your account is critical. Having a skilled professional who knows how the Search Engine Marketing Science works will ensure success. Letting a random account manager who also oversees 50 other accounts (or more at most agencies) is a recipe for disaster.

Ask your current Google AdWords Marketing Company or account manager how many other accounts he or she is managing and how much time they spend focused on YOUR account. At Hofford Digital we look at, monitor and review every account on a daily basis, including weekends and holidays when it is the last or first day of a month and it is critical to make sure that your account is spending properly without going over.


Local Ads With Google AdWords

With Google AdWords  we are in control of exactly where and when a potential customer can see your ads. Using the geotargeting and time scheduling features we can narrow down the window to best target your clients.

The types of geotargeting usually includes a radius (example 5 miles) around your location. In other cases you may have a list of zip codes of where most of your past customers live or where you want to target. That's Great! We can target by specific zip codes too. There are other options including regional DMAs, Voter Districts, entire states, counties, cities etc.

We can also include locations in which you Do Not want to target and make these Negative Locations. This will prevent your ads from showing in these locations. Keep in mind not even Google is perfect. It cannot always detect the exact location a person is in at that moment, but they're pretty close.

Ad Scheduling allows us to show your ads during your business hours or any custom schedule that you would like. Hofford Digital can give you a recommendation for what your schedule should be in the beginning and then optimize for the best results.

Both of these local Google AdWords Marketing features are especially important for businesses with a limited budget. You need to be as effective as possible and we will help you to do that.

Do I Need Google AdWords Marketing?

Generally speaking the answer is Yes.

Unless your website currently ranks in the top 2 positions on Google for All of the keywords you are trying to rank for you will need Google AdWords Marketing so that your customers can find you and click on your ads to visit your website. New businesses or websites generally will not rank on the first page of Google in their first year. Especially not in the top 2 spots.

You should consider adding Google AdWords Marketing Services as part of your digital marketing strategy so that potential new customers and clients can discover your brand or business and so that your competition does not steal yours.

What is the first thing we do when we have a problem or need an answer to something? We Google it.

By appearing in the top positions of Bing or Google you will be the first answer to someone's question or problem. You are their new Go To Solution!

Start Your AdWords Marketing Today!

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