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    You Could Save Hundreds Or Thousands Each Year On Your Marketing Budget

How much do you pay each month in marketing dollars that deliver either bad or so-so results? Well, get ready to save by switching to Hofford Digital today! We offer flat and fixed pricing on our digital marketing services like SEO, AdWords (SEM), Video Marketing and more. Plus, as a part of the Hofford Digital family you will receive exclusive benefits and rewards just for being our client. Seriously! What other marketing agency does that for its clients? Below are 5 Great Reasons To Switch To Hofford Digital for your digital marketing needs.

  • Why Switch To Hofford Digital?

  • 1. Cancel Anytime

    Our Services are month to month. If we are not delivering then you should be allowed to cancel. Simple as that. Think of our services the same way you would as Netflix, Hulu or any other monthly subscription you use regularly.

  • 2. Flat Monthly Management Fees

    In order to earn a profit and keep our lights on Hofford Digital charges a flat monthly management fee for our Digital Marketing Services such as SEO, AdWords (SEM), YouTube Video Marketing and Display Banner Marketing campaigns. Most marketing agencies will charge you a large % of your monthly budget and then hide the costs by inflating your Costs so that they can keep more of your money. In many cases video, search and display budgets are marked up by as much as 50 - 70% of your budget! That means only 50 - 30% of your money is actually being spent on your behalf.

    When running any digital marketing campaign through the Google AdWords platform always be sure to require your marketing agency to link the account to a Google Analytics account that you can view and see the Actual Spend Amounts and traffic behavior. Trust but verify. That is our motto.

  • 3. No Corporate Overlords

    Hofford Digital is a small business with 0 investors, stock holders or any outside influencers who only care about the profits and how much can be made off a client before their contract expires. Another reason for no long term contracts! Our goal is to help you grow your business and reach your goals. Our other goal is to Not Spend Your Money. You read that correctly. If you choose to run and AdWords, Video or Display marketing campaign with a monthly budget of X then we are not going to overpay, overspend or do anything we would not do with our own money just to hit the monthly budget target. That is why the flat monthly management fee(s) is a much better approach.

    Some months there is less search volume for particular keywords or interests and it does not make sense to waste your money when you can save it for other things or use it in the following weeks or months when your industry is hot. Being smart and ethical with your money is our priority.

  • 5. Client Website Bonuses

    If your website runs on the WordPress platform then Hofford Digital provides free website enhancements that will help make your site more secure, faster and optimized for conversions and leads. Enhancements include, but are not limited to:

    1. Call Tracking (lead attribution)
    2. Form Tracking (lead attribution)
    3. Website Security
    4. Website Speed and Load Time Optimization
    5. Weekly Backups Of Your Website
    6. Advanced Google Analytics Tracking and Reporting
    7. Monthly Reporting that makes sense in plain English and charts
    8. Other Recommendations for how you can improve your website and performance
    9. Custom landing pages to increase the website traffic conversion rates
    10. Up-time Monitoring of your website so you know if something is causing your site to slow down or go offline
  • Ready For To Make The Switch To Hofford Digital?

    Compare Hofford Digital to your current marketing provider and then call us or submit an inquiry online now to get started with a no hassle or sales lead consultation about our digital marketing services and how they can help your business reach its goals this year. There is no pressure to sign up or buy anything during the call. We can discuss what you are currently doing to drive leads and traffic to your website and how Hofford Digital would approach improving your results within your budget or you can learn more about how each different form of digital marketing works and why or why not it would be a good fit for your specific business and location(s). Simple as that.

About Hofford Digital

Both of my parents are entrepreneurs. They taught me the value in personal and business relationships built on trust. That is what I aim to do with my life and business.

- John J. Hofford

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