Why You Should Care About Who Is Managing Your SEO

Why You Should Care About Who Is Managing Your SEO is more about the individual than the SEO Company you decide to hire.

Why You Should Care About Who Is Managing Your SEO
Why You Should Care About Who Is Managing Your SEO


An individual responsible for managing or actually writing your content can make a big difference. Is that person located in your country or a country that speaks your native language? Can the individual speak and write your native language? Can they do it well? Be honest you do not want a person who can barely read or write English to be in charge of your website’s content. Unfortunately that is what a lot of large SEO Companies, Agencies and firms do. These companies will hire cheap labor and promise a lot of fresh content that is sourced out of India, Pakistan, China or elsewhere.

Fortunately some SEO Companies only use writers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia to ensure your content is written well and readable. In some cases the content may be originally written in parts of Asia or around the world, but it is reviewed and corrected by a native English speaker and writer before being placed on your website. It is a similar practice that manufacturing companies use to help keep costs low by outsourcing certain parts but also maintaining an American based workforce to complete assembly of the finished good. These are the companies you want to work with. SEO Companies like this are the ones you can trust to manage your SEO.

Remember, it’s your website. It is your reputation. You want people to trust you. You do not want your customers to have a bad impression about you, your brand or your company because you decided to save a few dollars or a few minutes and not find out who is managing your SEO or what the process is to make sure the content is great for your website.

At the end of the day it is about trust. Once a customer loses trust in you it’s very hard to earn it back.

You need your website visitors to trust you. You need to be able to trust your SEO provider and that is why you should care about who is managing your SEO. Especially if you focusing on your Local SEO. These are your neighbors, friends, colleagues and your community. Make your business a shining example and not dumpster fire.

Don’t just take my word for it, do some research on credible websites or ask other business owners who they are using for their Local SEO and how pleased they are with their results. For more information about the negative side effects of cheap and unreliable outsourcing for your SEO you can read this article from Entrepreneur.com

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