What Is The Best Marketing?

I am often asked what is the best marketing that I have ever seen or used. After stopping and thinking about it for about 10 minutes straight it hit me.

It’s ribs.

best marketing

One afternoon when I was walking into my local Kroger grocery store outside they had a BBQ pit set up and they were cooking ribs. Guess what was also on sale that day? Yup, ribs.

The smell of the smoke and the juices being added were literally hitting my senses. They were appealing to my like and desire for BBQ. They were also appealing to my like and desire of having something immediately (right in front of me) and for a fair or discounted price (on sale today).

This is your best form of marketing. Your product/service is available ASAP (timely), it is available near me (location) and it is being offered at a discount (value).

When you can message (marketing) your product to hit all three of these then you will have discovered your own ribs. Not all forms of marketing can do this. They will usually only have one or two of them, but sometimes, just sometimes you can get all three.


Now who wants to make some of their own ribs?

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