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  • About Hofford Digital

    We Want To Earn Your Trust And Then Your Business

What about Hofford Digital makes us better than the competition? To start we have innovated our own unique strategies when it comes to SEO, SEM and other forms of digital marketing. As we like to call it here, Data Infused Marketing.

Whether it's higher CTRs for your PPC and SEM Campaigns (not including Branding) or Display and Video Campaigns. We go to great lengths to ensure you marketing budget is spent properly and as if it were our own money.

We'll even tell you when you should be spending less money. What other marketing provider does that? The more you learn about Hofford Digital the more you're gonna like us.

Hofford Digital
  • Why Choose Hofford Digital?

  • Cancel Anytime

    Our Services are month to month. If we are not delivering then you should be allowed to cancel. Simple as that. This allows you to remain flexible in how you spend your marketing dollars. Does your current marketing agency offer that? Think of it like Netflix. If we've done our job right and your leads are full for a bit you can cancel and come back anytime when you're ready.

  • No Hidden Fees

    That's right! Absolutely 0 hidden fees or costs at anytime. You know what your monthly bill will be before and after any campaign is started or stopped. Plus we give you the access to your data. Trust But Verify. Again, you'd be surprised and probably pretty mad with your current marketing provider about all the hidden fees they have. That's money that is being taken away from your campaigns which means fewer leads for your business.

  • Transparent Reporting

    We grant you full access to see where every cent is being spent on ads. Ask your current provider to link your AdWords account to your Analytics to verify your spend amounts. You may be surprised at how much they are pocketing without your knowledge. In some cases they keep up to 50% of your budget. This includes your video marketing campaigns on YouTube (PreRoll or TrueView) and your display campaigns on the Google Display Network (GDN).

  • Intelligence In Marketing

    We don't want you to spend the most money. We want you to spend the right amount of money that helps deliver the most quality leads or results that you desire for your business. If one campaign is generating a higher ROI while another is generating a much lower or even negative ROI we're going to let you know. Even if this means less money for us. It's the right thing to do. We want you to succeed.

  • Honesty + Trust

    You need to be able to Trust that your company's digital marketing dollars are being spent appropriately and ethically. Most agencies, marketing companies or the "guy" you found on Craigslist do not do this. 

    Our goal is not to spend your money. Our goal is spend as little of it as effectively as possible. If we can achieve the same results for a few dollars less each week or month we will and we will tell you. These additional savings add up and that means more money for your company's bottom line. That is the honest approach that we believe in at Hofford Digital.

  • Ready For A Second Opinion?

    We will gladly review any current campaigns you are running such as your AdWords, Display Ads, Video and more. We will need read only access to these accounts and your analytics account to review the data for you. Then we can set up a free strategy session to look at the results. Every once in a while it turns out your current provider is doing a great job and you're probably better off staying with them. No other marketing provider will be that honest and transparent with you. Our goal is your success and happiness.

About Hofford Digital

Both of my parents are entrepreneurs. They taught me the value in personal and business relationships built on trust. That is what I aim to do with my life and business.

- John J. Hofford

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