About Us

You have a lot of options when it comes to SEO, SEM and other digital marketing services. We Want To Earn Your Business. We go to great lengths to ensure you marketing budget is spent properly and as if it were our own money.

You need to reach your potential customers where they live, work and play. By ranking higher on the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo you can. You want to become the go to source for their question or services needed. Think about it, when you have a question or need what do you do? You Google it. So do your potential customers.

Sometimes your SEO campaign may take some time before you begin to appear on the first page of Google. In the interim and as a supplement we recommend Search Engine Marketing. These are the ads that you see above the organic results and can deliver new customers on day 1.

A Digital Marketing Agency Built For Your Business

We focus on the right strategies that generate the Best ROI for you. We can help explain in plain English what each service is and what how it may or may not work well for you and your budget.


Hofford Digital's own take and application of Google Analytics offers both advanced accuracy and value for your business.


In order to make Hofford Digital stand out from the crowd we have innovated our own unique strategies when it comes to digital marketing.


We'll even tell you when you should be spending less money. What other marketing provider does that?

What Our Clients Say:

“I have used Hofford Digital for my startup company's digital marketing over the course of 3 years and couldn’t be happier with their customer service and expertise. It truly is a value driven marketing plan."

- Brian Schleifer President and CEO DentalSmart US