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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The Search Engine Optimization of your website is critical to where you rank not only the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but also on the Map Listings. Move your rankings higher by contacting us.

  • Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Search Engine Marketing ads are the paid ads that you see on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This delivers instant traffic and leads (Phone Calls + Forms) to your business. 

  • Marketing Consultant

    Marketing has changed. If you or your team need some help understanding the new world of online and digital marketing we can help. As an independent Marketing consultant provider, Hofford Digital can give you the the facts you need to know and create a custom guide or marketing map just for you.

  • Google Analytics And Google Tag Manager

    Out of the box Google Analytics is not set up to best measure your website's visitor information. Important information including the bounce rate, time on site and actions taken are all inaccurate. We can fix that.

  • YouTube Video Marketing

    The second largest Search Engine in the world is YouTube. Businesses and organizations can achieve great exposure and awareness through video based ads. The best part is it is very affordable and highly effective.

  • Digital Analyst + Consultant

    Sometimes you just need a little help. We offer hourly consulting for all of the services you see here plus other areas that are closely related. Spending 1 to 10 hours fixing your Analytics or AdWords Campaign can lead to thousands of dollars saved annually.

Hofford Digital Google AdWords
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SEO Services

$1,250+ Month
  • Month To Month Services
  • Move Higher On Search Engines
  • More Organic Website Traffic
  • More Leads Coming From Your Website


$450 Month
  • Month To Month Services
  • Attract Only The Customers You Want
  • 100% Of Your Budget Goes To Your Campaigns
  • Cancel Anytime


$50 - $100 Per Hour
  • AdWords Conulting For Search, YouTube and Display Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Tag Manger

Cancel Anytime

All of Hofford Digital's Digital Marketing Services are on a month to month contract with our clients (besides hourly consultations). If we are not delivering then you should be allowed to cancel. Simple as that. This allows you to remain flexible in how you spend your marketing dollars. Does your current marketing agency offer that? Think of it like Netflix. If we've done our job right and your leads are full for a bit you can cancel and come back anytime when you're ready.

No Hidden Fees

That's right! Absolutely 0 hidden fees or costs at anytime. You know what your monthly bill will be before and after any campaign is started or stopped. Plus we give you the access to your data. Trust But Verify. Again, you'd be surprised and probably pretty mad with your current marketing provider about all the hidden fees they have. That's money that is being taken away from your campaigns which means fewer leads for your business.

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